Saturday night I finally tried the famous sock bun tutorial. I had high hopes after watching the video and seeing the gorgeous results, but let me be honest: layered hair makes this really difficult!! I spent half of my Saturday night rolling and re-rolling my hair trying to get it right. In the end my bun wasn’t tight enough. I woke up in the morning with the sock mixed in with my covers. I think the combination of my restless sleep habits and the loose bun, didn’t make for ideal results. This is what it looked like right after I took it down.

Slight wave in hair from sock

Forgive the bad iphone photos.

Curly brown hair

By the time Peter got home to assist with a photo, I’d been awake for 45 min and this is what it looked like.

Wavy Hair

My hair is naturally curly so I was surprised that the curl fell so quickly. Regardless, I’d love to get better at making a sock bun. Does anyone have any tips for working with layered hair or making a tighter bun?