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DIY Boutonniere Sneak Peak

Written on August 29th, 2010 by Jamie Leeone comment

I spent most of Saturday night making these. My fingers are sore from hours of manipulating floral wire, but I’m pleased with the end result.

Martha Stewart Button Boutonniere

I’ll be back soon with a DIY breakdown. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I’m Famous!

Written on August 10th, 2010 by Jamie Lee3 comments

Well, sort of–okay not really. A couple weeks ago I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time. I attended a class at the Little Flower School. Coincidently, a reporter and photographer from the New York Times happened to be covering the class. So, last Thursday I was quoted and pictured in the home and garden section of the paper. It looked a little something like this.

Flower Arranging in the NY Times

See this awkward looking girl right here?

Jamie Lee in NY Times


That would be me. Surprisingly enough a couple of people actually found the article on their own and contacted me about it. I think the weirdest connection was a guy who I studied abroad with read the article while he was on a train in Tokyo and then facebook messaged me about it. Crazy! Anyway, you can read the article here. Below are my feelings about the class.

I’ve been longing to take one of these classes since they started popping up everywhere in the blogosphere, so you can imagine how excited I was when there was an opening in a class during the time that I was in Brooklyn. I was a bit terrified when I arrived because I really don’t have much experience when it comes to arranging flowers. In fact, usually when Peter buys me flowers I let him put them in the vase for me—wait, does that make me a terrible woman?

Anyway, I was immediately entranced by all of the beautiful flowers.

Little Flower School

And despite my fear of doing horribly in the class, things turned out really well. I got a lot of hands on instruction and the teachers weren’t afraid to jump in and make suggestions. Everyone’s arrangements turned out beautifully and they were all very different. We each got lost in our own little worlds for a few hours and when we looked up the room was covered in discarded stems and wild looking little bits of art. It was amazing and worth every penny.

Pretty Flowers

I can’t imagine having that many flowers at my disposal any time ever again. Two fabulous things came out of the class. First, I remembered how wonderfully satisfying it is to spend time away from the computer and create something tangible. Second, I realized that as fun as it is to make flower arrangements, doing one and getting it right takes quite a bit of time. Peter and I had originally thought about doing our own flowers for the wedding, but after having a little bit of hands on experience, I’m happy to outsource this task. Plus, Sarah recommended a  florist who is just starting a business in Austin! How amazing is that?! Maybe I will recommend some of the really great flowers that we got to use like this scabiosa pod:

Pod Flower

and this one:

Dark Purple Flower

and this black basil:

Okay, here’s one last picture of my arrangement from the Little Flower School website. I will venture to say that its a bit more advanced than my last stint with flower arranging.

Jamie Lee's Arrangement


Gush! I’m envious of this beautiful world that Nicolette and Sarah get to work in.

Mirror and More MIA

Written on May 9th, 2010 by Jamie Lee4 comments

Hi guys! Just to let you know Peter and I will be in and out for the next couple weeks. We have a lot going on and don’t have much time to post–But we’re not gone forever and I predict that I will be posting more soon.

Anyway, after Peter and I hung our chalkboard in our house we realized that we had a perfectly good cut of mirror glass that we didn’t want to get rid of. At some point we may want to put the mirror back into the frame, so for now we want to keep it safe and accessible.

Chalkboard on the Wall

(Yes, we still need to repaint the walls downstairs. They’ve been like this since Peter moved in.)

My fiance, being the smart man that he is, said the best way to keep mirror glass safe is to lay it down flat. We instantly realized in would make a beautiful base for a centerpiece. A simple vintage tablecloth added to the simple elegance of the vase of peonies that Peter bought me today.

Mirror Centerpiece

If you look carefully at the peonies you’ll see a tiny bit of blue floral tape painter’s tape helping to keep the arrangement together. Since Peonies are such heavy flowers it helps to add a grid structure to the top of the vase. True florist tape would have blended a million times better but because were not entertainng and I’m trying to use things we have, painter’s tape worked great. Masking tape would have worked as well. Now as our flowers continue to bloom, thy’ll have a little extra support!

I’ll have to admit that I’ve always wished I was better at arranging flowers. It just seems like such a wonderfully hostess-y thing to know how to do. Do you have any great tricks to pass on?

Tape supports flower arrangement

Slipper Makeover

Written on February 17th, 2010 by Jamie Lee2 comments

This tutorial was the reason that I fell in love with ~Ruffles and Stuff~.  I saw the picture of these perfectly embellished slippers and I swooned. I was uncertain about my sewing skills but the tutorial seemed so easy and I had confidence from my recent success of making a tutu, so I went for it. I left work and went straight to store, after store, after store searching for everything I needed. When I finally got home, I was so burnt out that I left the materials hanging in a bag on our closet door.

But last week, while Peter was out of town I pulled them out and decided to give it a try. Amazingly, it turned out really well. Here’s the boring before:

Slippers from Kohls

And here’s the amazing after:

flowers on slippers

If you want to do try it yourself, here’s what I did. I started with basic Isotoner slippers. I bought mine on sale from Kohls. I cut the seams to remove the the little bows from each slipper. Using a white cotton, peach cotton, and gold tulle I created three flowers for each slipper. I was a bit concerned about this step because I didn’t know how to make fabric flowers. I learned that several wavy circles stacked on top of each other works out pretty well.

Making Flowers out of Fabric

Then fold each flower in half and sew a small little “x” into it. This keeps the flower together, without taking away its movement.

Sewing Flowers

Finally, add three champagne pearls and sew the flowers on to the slippers.

Fabric Flowers

After Photo of Slippers

Now prance around your house and relish in the femininity of your new slippers!!

Have you guys found any tutorials that you just had to try? How’d they go?